Morgellons: the confounding power of the Internet

Yesterday’s LA Times had an article on a Mayo Clinic study of Morgellons disease. Mayo researchers looked at 108 Morgellons patients over 7 years.  With one exception, who turned out to be suffering from pubic lice, none of the patients had any evidence of infestation by bugs or parasites.  The Mayo report concludes all of the … Read more


Guy Kawasaki’s latest appears to have been co-written by Oprah. “My introduction to the Macintosh removed the scales from my eyes, parted the clouds, and made me hear angels singing.”

I’m still skeptical

Getting at the truth of ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’ Heading into Sunday’s Academy Awards, “Exit Through the Gift Shop” is undoubtedly the most buzzed-about film in the documentary feature category. But the uncomfortable question persists: Is it real?

Why Wasn’t I Consulted?

An excellent article by Paul Ford: When it arrived the web seemed to fill all of those niches at once. The web was surprisingly good at emulating a TV, a newspaper, a book, or a radio. Which meant that people expected it to answer the questions of each medium, and with the promise of advertising revenue as … Read more

The twelve clichés of Xmas

The media re-gifts cliche holiday stories Isn’t it remarkable how every December there are always 10 Most Dangerous Toys to stay away from? And that there is always a War on Christmas flaring up somewhere? Unfortunately, ’tis the season for the media to put its collective brain on layaway and re-gift the same tired old … Read more