hey, wait a second

I just bought an AT&T 3G MicroCell.  It’s a simple device.  You plug it into the wall and your router, put it near a window, wait 90 minutes (yes an hour and a half), and voila! 5 bar cell phone connectivity throughout the condo.  All for the low, low price of $150.  There’s an alternate plan where you pay $50 for the device, then a mere $20 per month for “unlimited service.” In my version, cell calls come off my plan minutes.

All well and good.  Now I can sit at my desk and make and receive calls on my cell.  And send and receive text messages.  Very cool.  I was practically giddy.

But then I stopped and realized:  I just paid $150 to get cell reception in my house.  I live near Kendall Square, half a mile from the freaking AT&T building.  Why on earth am I *paying* to get cell reception?

AT&T 3G MicroCell

2 thoughts on “hey, wait a second”

  1. Thanks for posting about this, Paul. We’ve had our micro cell tower for a couple of weeks and it’s a joy to be anywhere in the house and get great cell reception. It seems to boost our wireless signal, too!
    Gotta love the gadgets, especially when they’re useful!
    I enjoy your posts.

  2. I picked up an Airave when I switch to Sprint last week, but haven’t needed it at the house. I plan to travel with it to remote places like Belcher where Sprint is still considered running.


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