Japan earthquake and tsunami: How to help

Vital links from Yahoo Japan was hit by one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded Friday, spawning a tsunami that hit the the island’s east coast, killing hundreds of people. Many more are missing or injured. AMERICAN RED CROSS: Emergency Operation Centers are opened in the affected areas and staffed by the chapters. This disaster … Read more

Urban planning gone bad

The Somerville DIF seemed to have missed the point.  You don’t make an area vibrant by taking locally owned business by eminent domain and replacing them with parking garages. From today’s Boston Globe Coming into Union Square down Prospect Street, you can’t miss Ricky’s Flower Market. Offering flowers and tomatoes all summer and Christmas trees … Read more

What on earth is “progressively designed high tech space?”

I can’t decide which is worse: the building design or the ad copy.  Either way, if it were being dropped next to MY condo building (sorry, “amenity”) I’d be out rioting. Dropping a ginormous suburban-style office building on the edge of a densely populated urban neighborhood is neither progressive nor high tech. http://www.150second.com/ Continuing Kendall … Read more