Musical Serendipity of the Week

My chiropractor, knowing I’m an Emmylou Harris fan, made me sit and listen to “Graham Parsons and the Fallen Angles Live 73”  I inherited my love of Emmylou more from my older sister than my Grandma, and this stuff is smoking, despite their joking reference to it as “regressive country.”

It’s recorded “live in studio” at WLIR in Long Island six months before Graham’s death.  It’s rather like having Graham and Emmylou hanging out in your living room with a fanboy radio DJ.  Sound is amazing and the band is red hot.

I imagine I’ll get sick of the talking over time, but until then…

1 thought on “Musical Serendipity of the Week”

  1. This was my soundtrack when I lived in farm country for five months in 1988. I’m still not sick of it.

    “Good Old Country Baptizing” and “California Cotton Fields” are particularly amazing.

    “Just say, Waneka: the finest name in bread.”


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